Chirpy Birds Make Happy Gardens!

Living in a nature rich part of Northern Ireland we all grew up knowing and enjoying our native wild birds and animals. We are also aware of the impact of the changes in natural habitat, which in many areas has reduced the natural supply of bird food.
Chirpy Bird Food & Spring feeding. At this time of year our birds need highly nutritious food. This helps as they are feeding young, and hunting for grubs and insects. Peanuts should only be fed in proper feeders to prevent the youngsters from choking!
Chirpy Bird Food & Summer feeding. Worms and other insects burrow deeper to reach moist earth. It also makes it harder for the birds to reach them. Remember to keep your feeders clean!
Chirpy Bird Food & Autumn Feeding. Supplying food and water regularly helps your garden birds prepare for moulting, renewing their feathers. It also helps them build up energy supplies (fat) for the winter months.
Chirpy Bird Food & Winter Feeding. Did you know that your small garden birds can eat up to 40% of their body weight daily during the winter! Always make sure they have access to fresh water.

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 Chirpy Birds!

Establishing a feeding routine will encourage birds to your garden and they will learn to rely on you very quickly.
Chirpy Bird Food's product range make it simple for you to know what to feed your garden birds as they breed, and feed their young.
To see some of our Chirpy Bird Food range click the link below.

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Chirpy's Chums.

Chirpy Bird Food and Mr Higgins (our handsome cob in the photo) are proud distributors of the following:
Baileys Horse Feed, Fancy Feed, Pure Pastures small animal bedding & Emerald Green Feeds.

We distribute feed for the wee cuddlies such as Hamsters & Guinea Pigs, and bigger cuddlies such as Llamas & Alpacas.

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Chirpy's Cousins

We produce quality caged bird food for Parrots, Cockatiels, Budgies and Canaries. We also produce mixes for Pigeons. Meet Buddy and Harry, the handsome guys in the photo,  at PetZone in Crumlin and speak to Karen one of Northern Ireland's top caged bird experts.

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